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I am a manufacturer. Can I apply for this registration myself?

Yes, you can. In theory, any one can apply for registration. However, those who did it once would tell you it is not that simple. First of all, CFDA updates its regulations frequently and published the changes on its websites in Chinese. Second, CFDA requires Product standard to be filed, which has to reference Chinese national standards. There is no detailed guideline on how to prepare Product Standards at the present time. Each company must research for equivalent standards in China before preparing for their document. Thirdly, companies with Class II and III products need to locate testing centers for type testing or clinical trial sites to perform clinical trials. There are a lot of coordination, negotiation and management involved to get those tasks done. The above tasks must be completed before a formal registration application can be submitted. Even after the application is submitted, the applicant still needs to monitor the progress and intervenes when needed to move the document around the departments. In short, it is not impossible, but unadvisable to register if you have not done it before. Whitney Consulting started to register products since 1998. It is the company you can trust and rely on for quality work and peace of mind.