medical equipment industry association member…


Congratulations to Shanghai WoHua product technical service co., LTD. Get medical equipment industry association member qualification, membership Numbers 1126, WoHua international medical device registration agencies have professional medical equipment the authentication team, medical apparatus and instruments the European Union the authentication qualification, years of domestic medical device registration consulting experience, will continue, actively promote the standardization of medical devices industry development, the coordination of domestic enterprises to participate in international market competition.

The China association for medical devices industry (CAMDI) was founded in 1991, is in the national registered with the ministry of civil affairs independent corporation, the nationwide engaged in medical equipment production, management, scientific research and development, product testing and education training unit or individual on a voluntary basis of joint of the industry, non-profit social organizations. The competent department of the state council is the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, the China industrial economy federation agency, at the same time accept the ministry of civil affairs, the state food and drug administration and other relevant departments of the business guidance.